Welcome to Save-Trees.org, an international effort in global conservancy. Trees are not only a critical link our planet’s life chain, they’re also under siege like never before to overdevelopment and clear cutting. The earth’s surging population adds more pressure each year, and thousands of acres of rainforest are aggressively harvested every month.

In an effort to raise awareness of this severe imbalance and preserve forest lands from extinction, Save The Trees strives to make headway by directly increasing public awareness of deforestation and conservancy practices. With the cooperation of a global network of green organizations dedicated to stopping deforestation and ushering in a new era of conservancy, we are confident that with your help a big difference CAN be achieved, and we will welcome in a greener tomorrow.

Rescuing Specific Trees – Preventing Planned Removals

If you have nearby trees in danger of cutting by aggressive municipal actions or even neighboring businesses or citizens, please consider the following to be a quick primer on how to save these trees.

Firstly, understand that civil law often allows remedies to spare wildlife resources – even individual trees in danger of being destroyed. Many times, trees are cut because they are considered “in the way” of a planned improvement, and if alternative solutions can be demonstrated an injunction can be created that bans any damage to trees. The legal framework varies greatly based on who owns the tree, who plans destructive actions, and for what purpose or “common good” the trees are being cut. With all things considered, it’s often found by courts that alternative solutions can indeed be implemented.

In order to provide legal resources to the community, we have assembled a law firm guide that contains firms and independent lawyers who specialize in such actions, many of whom do “pro bono” work for causes relating to the environment. This guide can provide you with local legal representation if needed.

If you wish to protect a tree or trees against destruction, we recommend that you discuss your options with these legal experts as soon as possible. Time is always a factor in such cases, and the sooner you explore legal remedies often the more options are available. The 77 page directory contains lawyers in every state that you can discuss your situation with, and hopefully create a “save the trees” story of your own!

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